What is Pramek?

Founded in 2004, Pramek was founded by Matt Powell and developed to apply a scientific process to martial art.  Leading the charge in an industry that has shied away from scientific explanation, Pramek teaches martial art from a different direction.

Our history is consistent in it’s teaching and application.  Pramek historically was the first Russian Martial Art hybrid, where an instructor officially left the Russian styles and began to combine it’s science with other styles and concepts.  After studying ROSS and then being the first Western representative of the Kadochnikov System, Matt Powell left and began to apply the concepts to a variety of combat fighting and movement systems.  This developed into a new method of teaching and learning, and soon Pramek left it’s hybrid status to become an art, style, and system of it’s own.

A style is the language of a system.  Many martial arts are considered systems but in actuality are styles.  They focus on one or two primary methods, such as grappling, and have a stagnant teaching method that ensures the methods are taught according to the subject matter.  Within a system, this is different.  A system has a style of grappling a style of fist fighting, a style of knife fighting, etc.  Each style is defined by the system’s underlying concepts and principles. 

Originally Pramek was guided by the scientific methods of the Kadochnikov system.  But, over time, Pramek developed it’s own styles of accomplishing tasks like knife fighting or grappling, while developing it’s own understanding of scientific application through experience and numerous instructors and developers who have worked with the system.

Since 2004 the methods of Pramek have developed into their own, going from a 90% ratio of science being that other other systems to being today 10% science of other system.  Pramek looks upon it’s history and development with great pride, keeping what works, altering what works on occasion, and leaving behind what is inapplicable and therefore unneeded.

Like most projects, Pramek has become larger than it’s original intent.  Taught for over a decade around the world, Pramek has become an all-encompassing training system with instructors, divisions of instruction, and strategic partnerships.

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