​Jessey Bouchard


Jessey has been involved with Judo, Wrestling, and Sambo since his child hood and has competed at the highest levels in all three.  He has spent time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and has racked up an impressive series of championship wins in the sport of Judo, attaining the rank of 3rd Degree (Sandan) Black Belt.  He is a former member of the US National Sambo Team and won the gold at the 2000 World Sambo Cup in Nice France.  We are honored to have Jessey on as a member of our coaching staff

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​David Dempsey


David first began learning Sambo in 2002 while training in BJJ and Judo through various seminars, and later got involved with the United States Combat Sambo Association (USCSA) under Michael Galperin.  In 2015 he started working with Andrei Popandopaulo from Sambo 7 in Boston, and is currently a certified coach with the American Amateur Sambo Federation (AASF).  In addition to his Sambo credentials, he was awarded a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from BJ Bradley in 2011, and received a Black Belt in Judo in 2004 from Taebyong Pak of the Korea Judo Association