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Training Harder by Training Smarter

What is the Pramek System

Check out this video by Matt Powell to get a primer on what we are all about.

Creating a Thinking Warrior.

As we evolve and society progresses, technology, or knowledge, changes. Two decades the study of emotional intelligence was barely studied in martial art…today that knowledge has revolutionized how martial art is taught.  In 2005 Matt Powell stated in an article,

‘…Information is like technology, in the way that a microchip is technology that is part of an overall computer…without the technology, the computer will not function.  Combative training, or any training, is very similar.  It has basic elements that make up a whole.  A microchip can make a computer in a hospital or a cruise missile work…it’s a matter of how we weaponize technology. A warrior must be able to utilize technology…’

When a warrior understands the concepts behind technology, like physics or movement, they become a thinking warrior.  Adaptive Combatives combines training the Conceptual Learning Program, the most innovative training program to be taught in decades within the martial art and combatives world.